This is M. London, the H.M.I.C (Head Mama in Charge).  She's a Master Loctician. 

She began her natural journey in 1992, undergoing the big chop years before the words big and chop had anything to do with natural hair. In 1996 she began exclusively styling natural hair. She didn't just style it, she lived it; natural, dynamic, bold and years ahead of her time. 

Some stylists don't care if you loc it, fry it, press it or glue it as long as they get paid. Not London. She's built a shrine to Natural hair in the heart of Stone Mountain Ga.. This is her passion. She is serious.

Call today for a consultation. You deserve it, and so does your hair. 


Anica Crawley

is a liscensed cosmotologist, hair stylist, loctician and braider. She has been in the industry for more than a decade, and has worked at some of the premier salons in Philadelphia and Georgia.

We welcome her to the Locmamas family.


Shavon Murry

Shavon is the Locmamas Cleanse sister and stylist in training. She's likely to be the smiling face that greets you on your visit, and the last person you see when leave.

She's a welcome addition to the Locmamas family.